Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity is all about building a true sense of WOW. It is a highly engaging intervention to create a difference in customer servicing to ensure the customer is delighted.

We will be using the Design Thinking philosophy in understanding the Human Centric approach towards delighting a customer and making his experience with you beneficial to your organization.

Elements of Customer Centricity


Creating Value


I’m the Brand






Lifestyle Assessment



Delight YOUR Customers today!

Workshop Goals

During the workshop you will:

When you finish the workshop you will know how to build an effective message and you will have an effective message that can be used immediately.

Workshop Details

Duration : One Day Date : Coming Soon Facilitator : Saveen Hegde Location : Vivanta by Taj, MG Road

The top Customer Centric Companies

Amazon has embed customer-centricity into their DNA. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos leaves one seat open at the conference table and states that the seat is occupied by the “the most important person in the room – the customer”. Amazon appoints “Customer Experience Bar Raisers” to maintain excellent standards. They consistently rank first on most lists of the top customer-centric companies in the world – and they are showing no signs that they may give up their spot anytime soon.

When it comes to being a customer-centric company, Hilton knows what matters. According to Joshua Sloser, VP of Digital Innovation at Hilton, 42% of hotel guests expect a response to their post on social media within an hour and this increases to 72% if it is a customer service related issue. Hilton has rolled out policies and procedures to help meet these expectations. In fact, they have taken this so seriously that they tweaked Conrad Hilton’s original Hilton vision to, “Fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality – one tweet at a time”.

When it comes to providing customer support, Sony takes the “strength in numbers” approach. They have over 5,300 customer service locations across the globe so that customers have easy access to support when they need it most. They also offer easy-to- use products and services to promote customer satisfaction – and to reduce the likelihood that customers have to use their support services.

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